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ABP TFC Artosphere
Adresa de email: hello@artosphere.eu
Adresa: Municipiul Bucuresti, Bucuresti
Site: http://proarte.ro
Pagina Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artosphereeu

Domenii de activitate

Artă și cultură Educație

Despre organizație

Since 2002, be it Pitesti, Bucharest or Cluj, we organised more than 70 art exhibitions, 130 cultural events and we’ve been working for more than a year on our major project – Artopshere! A web platform for mapping European contemporary art. Because we want to go international, but not without you!


Beautiful people: artists, gallery owners, curators, art dealers, art critics and collectors, art enthusiasts etc. it’s a site about them, for them and for all the contemporary art lovers in the world.
Amazing places: contemporary art galleries and museums, art centers and alternative venues, non profit organizations, institutions, street art spots, attractions etc.
Great art events: exhibition openings, festivals, shows, art fairs, art auctions, conferences, performances, lectures, art symposiums, competitions, workshops, awards etc.
Points of view: news, articles, interviews, reviews, opinions and debates, case studies, inquests etc.
Connections: how to reach a gallery, an artist, an art dealer, an employer or a curator; how to find artists and works of art matching your taste.
Other (art related) things: tops, collections, jobs, projects, campaigns, ideas, solutions etc.

MORE HERE : http://proarte.ro/prezartov6final.pdf


WHAT IS OUR MISSION ? We have a dream : a place where you can discover all important informations about the European contemporary art scene. A place where those informations are easy to find, easy to read, easy to understand, easy to share. And free ! A website that connects (all) the important dots: the artists, the art lovers, the art venues. OUR PURPOSE ? To help you find (in an easy, fast and relaxed manner) where and when is the next art event you don’t want to miss. To help you discover artists and places you will love.


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